Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our VIP Guests :)

Summer is more over than ever.  It was a beautiful summer.  Filled with warm weather, friends, barbeques, mini day trips, sunshine, and oh, the blessing of central air!  So humid!

One of the biggest and brightest highlights of my summer was a visit from a dear, dear friend, along with her husband Jared and baby Kilmeny.  We had been talking about getting together for so long.  It didn't work out last fall or earlier this summer, and I was trying not to be too hopeful at that point, but Breanne unexpectedly messaged me over Skype about a potential date, and within a few days, they were here!

I loved that we could pick up where we left off-- from over two years ago.  I loved that we are so different now, yet so much the same.  I loved talking and laughing and being okay with silence, yet having so much to say that there was never a chance for it to exist.  I loved seeing our children play together.  Our CHILDREN!  I loved that we never got to bed before midnight because we simply didn't want to end our conversations.  I loved our last night, sitting around the kitchen table, drinking tea from china cups and saucers, talking, sometimes earnestly, sometimes jokingly.  Laughing.  Smiling.  Preparing meals.  Eating ice cream cake.  It was perfect from the beginning and stayed that way until the end, when it became imperfect because they had to leave.

I took pictures.  And Jared took pictures.  I'm stealing a few from Breanne's blog, and I'm quite sure I don't have to give credit, as it will be obvious who the professional photographer is, and who the point-click-and-hope-it-turns-out photographer is.

Adorable Kilmeny was 7 mos old.  Joshua was (a little too) enthusiastic about having another little person around and eagerly shared all of his toys.  The one thing he couldn't share was his beloved train table, which we explained Kilmeny was too little to use.  Then I guess Kilmeny had enough of the too-little business and pulled herself up.  "She not too little anymore!" I wasn't in the room for this profound moment in Kilmeny's growing up, but how could I resist posting the picture?  So cute.

We made shishkabobs, stuffed grape leaves and Greek salad for dinner, which happened to land on Jared's birthday, so we followed up with a DQ cake.

Jared ate his stirfry with chopsticks.  Joshua, seeing his cool trick, wanted to try it for himself.  "Just like Mr. Jared."

With a little help from the pro, he was practically on his way to Asia in minutes.  He has actually tried it again since they left, handing his fork and spoon to John, saying "I don't like these ones." 

On our last day, we went out for lunch (compliments of J&B) for Breanne's first taste of Chik-fil-A.  We drove to Valley Forge and did a little touring around there.  Then home again...which meant good-byes.  I hate good-byes.  I really do.  Living in PA, with so many dear family and friends in Canada, I say way too many of them.  Jared took this picture of Breanne, me and our babies, right before they left.

And that was the end of a perfect visit.