Sunday, May 20, 2012

On Big Decision In Vague And Uncertain Terms

There are a dozen things I planned to write, but didn't.  I have a folder of pictures I planned to post, but no, I didn't do that either.  First we were busy, then I was sick, now we're busy again.  We are making big, potentially life-changing decisions around here.

Oh, and we also sold our house.  That kept us on our toes for a while because the inspection, etc. didn't move along as quickly as it could have.  Now that things are firmed up and I wasted a week being sick, and Joshua before that, we have about 30 days to do a lot more than 30 days worth of stuff.  Most of us have been there before.  We'll make it through, just like everyone always does.  In the meantime, we don't eat at our table because there are boxes covering it, and all the chairs besides, where they are at an easy place for me to access without having to bend or lift; we are sorting and organizing for a future that is still uncertain as far as when and where and how we will move; the rest of the house is neglected in the meantime and I wouldn't let you through the front door unless I was quite certain you loved me for me and not the way I keep my home; and every. single. second of the next month is overbooked.  We also need to find a new car before the end of June.  A "little" thing like that can really throw one's life off-course when it happens at inconvenient times such as this.

So that's why I'm STILL not blogging.  I'll try and make it back once or twice over the days to come, but I don't suppose I'll *really* be back until we're in our new dwelling.  Wherever that is.