Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Little Fisherman...And Other Faces From The Day

Today's fishing trip was inspired by one of Joshua's favourite books, "The Little Fish That Got Away," by Bernadine Cook.  "We need to dig up some worms and get a basket for the fish we're going to eat after we catch them," he said.  For weeks, he has been asking us to find a place where he can fish.  One of our neighbors has a bunch of fishing slogans and fish decals on the back of his pick-up truck, so John asked him if he knew of a good place to take a four-year-old.  He recommended what turned out be little more than a pond that supposedly has small fish.  We didn't catch anything to prove it, but that could be the fake bait we used because Walmart was fresh out of wormies.  We're going back tomorrow morning with fresh-from-the-garden worms and we're hoping that the fish are hungry for breakfast.  Catch or not, Joshua loved fishing and I think we'll be doing a lot of it over the next few months.

He tried sitting like the boy in the book.  He also tried lying down to take a nap (I can't remember if that part was from the book, too), but in the end he decided that he'd do a thing or two like Joshua G, and that meant standing, squirming, walking about and reeling in the line faster than a fish could possibly chomp on the hook (until we explained the necessity of patience).

Learning to cast.