Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beautiful Summer Days

There's this park.  It's well away from the road, with a man-made (but very believable) pond occupied by turtles, frogs and snails, a lovely little foot path with bridges (I love bridges), lots of trees, a great playground with plenty of seating, green grass,'s perfect.  I love it there.  It takes me back to my teenage swamp-prowling, mud-tramping, frog-catching years.  After all, I hung out with my brothers a lot.

Looking for frogs.

John put a bug carcass on Joshua's t-shirt.  They both thought it was lovely, I was disgusted.  At first Joshua told me, "I will hide it with my hand, so you can't see it Mommy."  After a while, he decided chasing me with it was much more fun.  Oh yes, boys are boys, and nobody has to teach them how to do this well.  I finally got over it and took a picture for him-- grimacing all the while.  You can see the mischievous delight in his eyes.

I'm usually the one behind the camera, so here's a rare picture of me and my little man.  Still taken by me, I just realized, but it turned out pretty good.

I love beautiful summer days like this.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! when did you get it done?

The mischievous look in his eye is so cute! That's crazy that he chased you around. Sounds like a fun place you went to!

xoxo Angela