Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our New Apartment

Okay, back on a blog roll, baby!  I finally found the camera (lost in an 800 sq ft apartment...what?), which, though broken, was still storing the card with all the pictures.  I am also feeling a bit better, and am ready to enter back into the blog world...and the rest of the world, too.

Before I begin, I'd like to give a shout-out to Katy Bowman at www.katysays.com  If you have any sort of pain (seriously-- foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip, pelvis, back, shoulders, etc.) check her out!!  If you have rounded shoulders or are a rib thruster (even if you think you're not, check!) or have a 'sway' back, walk with your feet pointing out to the side, or your neck leading the way...check her out!  After seeing multiple doctors, specialists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc., and even traveling over 300 miles to try and find the right sort of help...help is right here on her blog, DVDs and webinars.  I've become obsessed totally engrossed and super fascinated.  In fact, she's the reason why I didn't jump back on the blogging bandwagon a month earlier. Oh, and did I mention she's the reason why I'm finally starting to feel better?

Crazy how simple it is to fix most of our musculoskeletal problems. Note #1: "Simple" means relatively easy, but definitely not fast.  There's a lifetime of habits to change and tight muscles to stretch out.  Note #2:  Musculoskeletal is a word I always thought would be cool to use in its proper context.  I ought to scratch that off my bucket list.  And speaking of bucket lists, I've always wanted to see a castle.  I just found out that Boldt Castle is a mere 6 hours from here.  Definitely making plans!

Anyway, for several of you, here are the long-awaited pics of our new abode.  For the rest of you, here are the pics of our new abode.

These are the stairs that we face when walking through our private entrance (another favourite thing about this particular apartment complex).  The stairs are cleverly covered in outdoor carpeting, so we don't have to worry about taking our shoes off until we get upstairs.


This one of the few purchases we made for this place, and well worth it, methinks.  Since living here is only temporary, we didn't want to invest much any money into it, but we did find it necessary to part with three separate bookshelves from our house, and consolidate everything into one place.  And I like it!

Sometimes, when I'm very, very focused on the task at hand (usually any task at hand), I don't hear things like timers.  I just burnt dinner.  Don't worry, it's salvageable!  This is our dining room.  I have since put up curtains.  At least their bare appearance will allow my Papa Jones to see how low/high the windows are, since I was describing the size to him.

This living room picture (and the next) make it look rather bare and dismal, but it's not really.  At least, I don't think so!

Another bare and dismal looking angle.

This is our kitchen- rather roomy for an apartment, though I did have to buy a small pantry cupboard for just outside the kitchen door, in the dining room:

Apparently, I didn't finish rinsing the sink out before I took this picture.  However, I assure you this shot is staged.  It never looks this nice.  The counter space is currently loaded with water bottle (full, at least, not empty), and supplements.  But you can imagine by the sounds of it, that it looked very clutter-y, so I moved it for the sake of your eyeballs.  

Ps. The walls look very grimy to me.  I hope that's just the finger prints Joshua has left all over the computer screen.

And the last picture of the heart of the home.  Yes, this was staged, too, or you'd be staring at a heap of clean dishes in the drying rack, waiting to be put away in that cupboard over there...right next to the dryer.

Oh, here's another.  This is the top of the cupboards, which I am using as a "catch all."  Same goes for the master bedroom, which is why you will never see a picture of it.  Unless I am able to work some extraordinary magic in there.  Yikes.

In the other corner, there's a fridge.  Lots of stuff stored on top of that, too.  Also, a small stack of bins near it, containing towels and wash clothes; and saran wrap, baggies, etc. in another.  The plastic storage containers are in a crate under the china cabinet in the dining room.  I'm telling ya, we are maxed out!  And that's after a yard sale, 1258 trips to Goodwill, and generous neighbors willing to take stuff off our hands.

Our balcony.  Love.

The brown door is the furnace/storage room.

Our neighbors across the way, and their pretty balconies.  I feel sorry for them having to look at ours.  It's usually full of clothes hanging on a drying rack.

This is the main bathroom.  I didn't get a picture of the master bath.  Just picture a toilet identical to this one, a smaller sink area, and a shower stall.  

 This is Joshua's room.  It wasn't quite unpacked at this point, but if I took another picture today, it wouldn't look much different.  Just a little neater.

Oh, bonus picture!  I have one of the fridge.  Joshua decorated the fridge for me. :-)  And you can also see where I am storing pots and pans.  Makes me super grateful for the kitchen I no longer have.

So...I'd better go eat my burnt dinner before it is also cold.  Cheerio!

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Angela Wiebe said...

love the new house it looks fabulous! Bookshelve is awesome!!

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better!!! TTYL! XOXO Angela