Friday, July 2, 2010


Splashin' in the water under a big "Pepsi" umbrella, fresh grass clippings floating on the surface of the water, sprinklers, popsicles, sand pails, picnics, swinging, starry skies, camping, beaches, bonfires, badminton, dandelions, jumping rope, long walks...all the memories of summers past.  I love summer.  It's the perfect time to create memories.  All the seasons are, really...but summer is bright, filled with sunshine and cool water, lemonade, sunburns and...well, it's summer now, so summer is on my mind.  And I'm lovin' it, despite the intense humidity here.  I am so grateful for central air!

Our backyard is very small.  Not at all reminiscant of the yard I grew up in- big, grassy, surrounded by trees- and oh, sweet privacy!  But we've made the most of our small space.  I have a small flower bed, and John keeps an array of herbs in pots of different shapes, sizes and colours.  On our deck, we have a table that will seat four, with four chairs and an umbrella.  Joshua has a small slide, a little-tike sized basketball net and now a kiddie pool.

Earlier this week, my friend Raina came over with her son. Joshua and Andrew spent most of the time playing in the living room while Raina and I shouted over the screeching, squeals and laughter. They stayed for four hours and it was a blast. They did spend a short time in the kiddie pool in our backyard and thanks to Raina, I have a few pictures.  Here's one of them-- neither of them wanted to sit in the water at all:

And here's a few pictures from the park:

I love how this one turned out:

Looking forward to more sunny summer days- though it's hard to believe it's already July! 

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