Thursday, August 19, 2010

Park Play

Today we went to the park.  We picked a very hot, humid day, and we stayed for an hour or so, sweating as much water as we drank, but it was worth it.  We met up with Raina and Andrew...and that's always worth it.  Though next time- we will definitely be seeking refuge in my living room with the air conditioner going full blast!

The reason why we chose this particular park was the train.  We saw it a few weeks ago when we were looking for the YMCA and made a mental note to return to it.  As we suspected, the train was a huge hit:

And oh, the joy! when a real train went by:

They were so busy running here and there, I only managed to get one picture of the boys actually playing together:

I love this picture:

So...that was our happy day in the park.  John has Joshua in the bathtub right now, washing all the sand and dirt away and I have a feeling he's going to sleep well tonight!

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