Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spur of the Moment

My parents called on Wednesday night to say they were coming for a quick weekend visit, arriving Friday evening and leaving Monday morning.  We made the best of their short time in our home and enjoyed it to the fullest.  I'm not sure what Joshua was more excited about:  seeing Grandma and Papa Jim, the Smarties that Grandma brought him, or having Flint (their border collie) to play with.  There's definitely no doubt as to who Flint was most excited about seeing- he got so many treats from Joshua, he probably won't eat for weeks.

We spent most of our time around the house.  Saturday was our best day: perfect weather, grilled shishkabobs, Joshua in the pool, relaxing in the sunshine, talking, laughing...good times.  My camera miraculously started working again, so I did get some pictures, which I was so happy about.

So when it comes to food, I do not make biased judgments.  These were seriously the best shishkabobs I've ever tasted.  We used an Armenian recipe for the marinade.  This was our third time using the recipe, but I don't remember them ever tasting this good- it must be John's special Armenian touch.

Welcome to Joshua's new smile.  A few weeks ago, I was getting these adorable squinty smiles, but a few days ago Joshua started closing his eyes.  "Open your eyes, Joshy!" I said.  And this is what I got: (and continue getting with every picture I take...

Joshua and Grandma:

On their last day here, Joshua got the camera off my desk.  He's not allowed to touch it anymore, because I think that's why it broke in the first place.  But instead of fooling around with it, he brought it over to me and requested a picture of him and Flint: 


Breanne said...

I loved seeing the pictures on fb but I loved seeing them here more because of what you wrote to go along with them. Saturday sounds like a dream day. I love it when those happen. =)

Caleigh said...

The shishkabobs sound amazing!! I had shishkabobs once many moons ago when I was a little girl, and ever since then I've wanted to make them, but I never have! I really should just go out there and do them! :)
I love the last picture of Joshua with Flint, there is something so precious about a little boy and a dog! :)