Saturday, October 9, 2010

Around My Home

It's been a good week.  Joshua and I were in Canada for a bit, and coming home was oh-so-sweet.  I am still enjoying the bliss of being home with my two guys.  I missed being a family so much.  We've been reveling in togetherness: talking together, shopping together, eating together; cooking, laughing, playing, planning together.     

When I came home, I discovered that John CAN keep secrets from me, after all.  When I walked through the front door, the last of our old carpet had been ripped up.   

We now have hardwood floors through our whole house (minus the kitchen)- mottled with pain, worn out and in need of repair and refinishing, yes, but they're still hardwood.  =6

John had also sealed the cracks and painted the ceiling of the upstairs hallway.  He went to Home Depot to buy a new light for the ceiling, as the old one looked very...old....but he ended buying a can of spray paint and fixed it up quite nicely.  It looks so bright and fresh up there, now. 

He did a bunch of yardwork, too, and put a new lock on the back door and windows throughout the house.  Somehow, I don't think the locks would make very interesting pictures.

Another change, this one by personal request, was moving Joshua's big boy bed back to the "big room."  He was adjusting well to it, but after a few nights he decided he prefered his crib, and he's informed me on many occasions that he "don't like big boy bed."  So that, along with a dozen other reasons, made me think that having the big boy bed and the crib in the same room would make for an easier transition (I guess that should have been obvious to me in the beginning).  I'm not in any particular rush to have him move from one to the other, but at least it's ready for him when he decides that's what he wants.

We don't have an official guest room anymore, but we can still manage fine, I think.  I guess we'll know better next time we have company- which isn't too far off. 

I love these Thomas wall decals- they're so fun and easy to use and move around. 

I found these glow-in-the-dark decals at Target.  Actually, my parents bought the Thomas decals from Target, too, last spring.  We don't have any pictures for the walls, so between Thomas and the stars, some of the empty space is filled in.

Now I'm on my way up to that very room to get Joshua up from his nap.

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Amanda Piechnik said...

I love your hallway light fixture! I'm glad it didn't get replaced. :-) You have a fabulous hubby - I'm impressed.