Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friends and Things Green

Raina and Andrew came over yesterday.  Joshua was out-of-this-world excited to see Andrew again.  Between family emergencies, my trip to Canada, and a few colds, it had been a while since we were last together. 

Naturally, once they arrived, Joshua was a little quiet and uncertain, as was Andrew.  They warmed up quick enough in their own two-year old way, and were soon screaming and laughing and running circles around the house.  The toys were surprisingly neglected, as they seemed to find it more fun interacting with each other.  When they left, there were just a few cars and Little People to clean up, and nothing more than an average day with Joshua.  I also found a full glass of water on the floor next to my recliner, which I had failed to notice the whole time they were playing.  I couldn't believe it had survived the visit!

Raina and I enjoyed "girl-time" which neither of us get very often.  Time with friends was at my constant disposal before marriage, and I enjoyed every minute of it, but having less of it now helps to increase my appreciation for friendship.  It's a gift.


We've been going green around here.  When I was in my third-trimester with Joshua, I had my gallbladder removed, and while the doctor assured me everything would be fine- I'm finding it's not.  Research has uncovered the fact that I'm not the only one having problems, either.  Digestion, vitamin and mineral absorption, weightloss, etc. all become harder.  And of course, this is due to extra stress on the liver, which is responsible for all those things and more, including filtering out toxins and chemicals.  So all that to say, in order to give my body a bit of a break-- I'm going green....ish.

I bought a bottle of "Tea Tree Tingle" shampoo at Trader Joe's for $4.  I was skeptical, especially when it didn't suds up like regular shampoo, but I love it.  My hair is softer and shinier after just one washing.  John likes it, too.  I also bought a bar of oatmeal soap.  There were only a few dollars left in my "miscellaneous budget" so that's where I started.

With the next paycheck, I'll find chemical-free dish soap and liquid hand soap, and maybe even some lotion.  Right now, I'm trying caster oil as a moisturizer, after reading great reviews online.  I'm finding that, as with most things, different things work for different people.  Caster oil might be the miracle that Jane Doe was looking for, but for me, it may be just the opposite.  It's all trial and error and time will tell.

I already make my own cleaner. 

So it really wasn't that hard, after all, to make a few small changes, and hopefully my body will thank me.

Ps. I am NOT a tree hugger.  Thank you very much.


Norse, Jesica, and Boden said...

Well, I am just catching up, but you might try a few resources like . She has some great ideas in the "Green and Frugal" category of the site.

Cherish said...

I had my gallbaldder out almost four years ago and although I've had trouble in some areas, I've never really thought there was much I can do about it. Please share the link to your new blog...I'd love to read whatever info you find.

Also, I miss you! Reading your blog makes me sad that we live so far apart now. I've kept your family picture/christmas card framed and on my mantle since you sent it so long ago.