Sunday, June 12, 2011


 All in a hard day's work, doing what toddlers are supposed to do.  Real life.

Typically, I believe in teaching kids to pick up their toys as they use them, but I have never had to do this with Joshua.  He's a pretty neat kid.  Then BAM!  He went crazy one day.  And of course it happened to be on a day when I could barely move to keep up with him.


So real life gets "realer."  It always looks worse before it gets better.  The war zone inspired me to get rid of some toys and organize the ones we had (again).  It took two of us, me and my hunny, in the dark of the night.  I mean, have you ever tried getting rid of toys while the owner stands there watching and finding renewed joy in each cast-off toy?

JOY comes in the morning!  (I couldn't resist the urge to re-arrange furniture while we were at it; it makes cleaning and organizing so much more interesting).

I am pretty excited that Joshua has stopped living for his train table.  He's barely touched it in weeks.  That meant I could move it out of the living room.  Now we have SPACE and even better, a whole empty corner!!!

Yes, that's what my living room really looked like two days ago....and then, that's what it looks like now.  Tomorrow....who knows.  That's all part of real life.

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