Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Christmas in October

After Mark died, Mom and Dad wanted to go away for Christmas.  It was too hard to be home.  So they came to our wee apartment in Swarthmore in 2008, and they've continued to come every year since.  Now they're moving out west at end of this month and our tradition is unlikely to carry on, so we're going to celebrate one last Christmas together...even if it's early.  They should be here any minute now.  

We brought our mini Christmas tree up from the basement, though I didn't decorate it because it will go away tomorrow.  I want to make sure that getting a REAL tree is still fun and special for Joshua, and I don't want a little tree to detract from that.  Eh, it may not.  But whatever, I'm putting it away.

Boney M's Christmas CD (my favourite holiday music, aside from the Transiberian Orchestra) is blaring from the speakers and some light snacks are on the coffee table.  It's funny how quickly one can get in the Christmas spirit when the right music is playing.

Joshua is sitting on his bean bag chair, looking all toasty in his pajamas...so toasty in fact, that I got into mine, too.  Now I'm not jealous anymore.  He's playing some OLD video games that once belonged to John.


MERRY OCTOBER CHRISTMAS from our home to yours!


Anonymous said...

oh that is wonderful! Christmas in October sounds like a great idea.

Where are your parents moving???

XOXOX Angela

Wilkie said...

You're moving West? Where to?