Monday, October 3, 2011

Lack of Inspiration and a New Kitchen

I have been to my blog so many times in the last weeks, but I've hit a wall.  I always want to write in the fall.  The rich colours; the crisp, smoky air and grey skies; the crunch of leaves beneath my feet; the ground littered with acorns and pine cones; farmer's markets with stands overflowing with the fruits of harvest; the haunting medley of geese flying overhead in flawless “V” formation; orange pumpkins and bales of hay; apple crisp; steaming cups of hot tea.  It’s a season of beauty and change, a season of the senses, and thus awakens in me a deeper appreciation for life and the simple pleasures that surround me.  It makes me want to write a brilliant post that moves the heart and souls not just of the readers, but for me as I write it...yet the words just aren't coming.  Too much on my mind, or perhaps not enough, but with such aspirations as mine when sitting down to write, every day life seems rather flat.  Not the living of it, of course, but the writing.

Nonetheless, the only way I'm going to get words on this blog is to do just that, focus on the ordinary.

We've been rather one-minded lately, putting most of our energy into fixing our kitchen.  Derek came two weeks ago to help us.  It started off as a simple idea: take out the window, install new-to-us cabinets, counter top and floors.  Then I had this brilliant idea to move the dishwasher, which would allow us to install MORE cupboards (who doesn't want extra storage space?!) and make the kitchen look much nicer in the process.  Well, this small idea turned into a rather large undertaking.  Seven days, one broken oven and 5 million trips to Home Depot later, Derek left and John has been working over-time galore, so the kitchen remains in a state of disrepair.  We're getting there, though.  John is off today, and has dedicated most of his day to finishing the drywall and electrical, I've done some mudding for him (it's like icing a cake...but not as easy), and it's getting there!

Joshua helped with the demolition.  

We got rid of the window, which only looks into the laundry room/back porch.

The first cupboard going in.  We found a fantastic deal on Craigslist, just a couple hundred dollars for an entire kitchen.

Pre-counters.  And the 'peninsula' cupboards still needed to be put in at the time of this picture.

That's the most recent picture I have, thus the end of "Part One."  I'm not ending with a very impressive looking picture, but I will post more soon...and look at that, I managed a blog update.  :-)

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Caleigh said...

I love reading about fall almost as much as I love experiencing it!
And I love your new kitchen cupboards! Your kitchen is going to look fantastic when it's done!