Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Little Man-Child

Joshua likes to shave with John.  John slathers shaving cream on Joshua's face, caps his razor, and 'shaves.'  When he's done, Joshua runs to me, excited.  "Mommy, Mommy!!  Smell me!!"  I smell his soft, chubby cheeks.  Then he lifts his chin and I smell there, too.  "Did you shave?" I exclaim.  "You smell so handsome, just like Daddy."  He glows with pride.

Now Joshua has his own child-razor.  And he keeps those cheeks, and his chin...and his nose...smelling fresh and clean.

He takes this part of personal grooming very seriously.


Caleigh said...

That is soooooo cute! Little boys are the best! :)

Breanne said...

I love his seriousness in the last picture, so cute. =)