Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's American Thanksgiving.  Once again, John is working the holiday.  We kind of skipped over Canadian Thanksgiving too, with the exception of pumpkin soup made in its honor.

So-- turkey and stuffing are out of style around here, but thankfulness never will be.


1.  a GOD who loves me so much that He sent His son to die for me.

2.  freedom: to worship; to work; to play

3.  a home to call our own: a roof over our heads, a furnace to keep us warm.

4.  food: not only to fill our bellies and keep us nourished, but that GOD gave us hundreds of flavors to cook  
     with and enjoy.

5.  creative license.

6.  the four seasons: the promise of spring, the fun-filled summer, the beauty and inspiration of autumn and
     nostalgia of winter.

7.  people: young and old.

8.  for the people that I call FRIEND.  I have some amazing friendships.

9.  my family: a loving, caring husband who has stuck with me through thick and thin- and my baby that I love
     more than life.

10.  modern conveniences that simplify life and make room for more of everything else.

11.  good health: not at its best, but not at its worst, either.

12.  the internet: I've become a research nut, and the internet is an amazing resource.

13.  my more extended family: great in-laws, loving parents, and a hilarious brother who I can call a friend.

14.  my little brother's memory: knowing Mark is with Jesus.

15.  laughter.

16.  fresh drinking water: I don't have to drink from a mud puddle.

17.  church family: no matter how far one travels, there are brothers and sisters on every corner of the earth.

18.  trains, planes and automobiles: no more impossible covered-wagon rides.  friends and family are always      

19.  the input of a Heavenly Father for every big and small life decision.

20.  nostalgia.

21.  the ability to drink in the beauty of the world around me- to see; to hear; to smell.  life is beautiful if one
       will only look and see.

22.  my childhood: every day spent in the city makes me so glad that I was raised in a friendly community
       where play was a way of life and friendships were the most precious thing to be had.

23.  puppies.

24.  the body's amazing ability to heal itself.

25.  thankfulness.  being thankful nearly swells a person up with gratitude and gives yet another reason to
       smile.  =))


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Caleigh said...

Thank you for that awesome list Ashley! It's so encouraging and inspiring to read what others are grateful for, it starts me down the same path, and it's a good one to travel on!