Thursday, November 18, 2010

What We Do

Sometimes we go out just because we need to get out.  Looking for a change of scenery...and free entertainment.  Sometimes free entertainment comes in the form of beautiful scenery, driving away from the city and seeking solace in the gorgeous countryside; sometimes we buy Starbucks (okay- not so free) and Joshua finishes the whipped cream from my frap;  sometimes we go browsing after we've finished our mandatory shopping-one of our favourite spots for browsing is the kitchen department of nearly any well-stocked store;  sometimes we go to the bookstore, find ourselves some reading material, and sit while we flip through the pages and chat, whilst Joshua plays with the train table.

Other times, like today,we go to the pet store.  There are several that we visit every few months.  Maybe it's not even that often.  There is PetSmart, with dozens of fish tanks, cats, turtles, iguanas, guinea pigs, hamsters and birds.  Joshua really likes that.  He had the store memorized by the time he was a year old, leading us from one section to the next and screaming at the top of his lungs when it was time to go.

But my personal favourite is a little pet store nearby, right next to the grocery store...and I think Joshua and John would share my sentiments if they were asked.  Why?  Because they have puppies.  Sweet, adorable, furry little puppies.  We love to go in there, let them lick (and sometimes nip) our fingers, rub their silky fur and fall in love.

Today was a little different then our other visits.  I was shocked to see pigs.  There were four micro pigs and one potbelly pig.  I was familiar with the potbelly pig (though I had never seen one in real life), because when Derek was 14, after he finished his "I want an iguana" phase, he wanted one of those potbelly pigs.  I never got the hype.  Now, twelve years later...I get it.  I can't believe I'm saying that.  But they were REALLY cute.  

I fell in love with the potbelly pig, a five month old female who, when at face level with her, was absolutely adorable.  I named her Lucy.  I hope she tells the person who buys her. ;-)

I've almost convinced John that we should own a pet pig.  But then I stop and think and maybe it's not such a good idea.  After all, they DO grow up to be 60+ lbs and...well, they lose a lot of their cuteness.

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