Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Holidays Part One

I've started several blog posts in the last couple of days, and quite obviously, never get as far as finishing them to the point of posting.  John should be walking through the door any minute now, which means that this one may not get posted either, but I'll try.

John's Christmas holidays started on Saturday when we slept in.  Even Joshua.  As soon as we were showered and ready to face the world, we went to a Christmas event hosted at our community firehouse.  It was announced the previous evening by a long line of fire trucks and police cars, who came slowly down the streets of our town, blasting their sirens and thrilling Joshua to no end with their big display of flashing lights and noise.  We stood outside, in the cold, watching as the trucks drove slowly out of sight.

At the firehouse on Saturday, there was a Santa and Mrs. Clause.  I guess we should have realized that's what it would be, but we were halfway through the lineup by the time we did.  We aren't doing the whole Santa thing with Joshua- but we aren't opposed to letting him sit in Santa's lap, full knowing that it's make-believe and that he won't be squeezing his way down our chimney any time soon.  So, he did.  And he was pretty scared of the jolly old fellow.  Facing his fears paid of in the end, though, when he received a Handy Manny car to assemble and play with, and a hot dog and soft pretzel for lunch.

Some people were sitting around eating their food, and we could have mingled, too, but we had still more to do that day and quickly made our way back to the van.  We made a quick stop at the grocery store so I could make a Greek salad to take with us to John's parents that night.

Nancy (John's step-mom) was hosting a birthday party for three family members: John's sister, Jen, his nephew Logan, and his Dad.  She ordered a bunch of Armenian food, cooked a turkey breast and a few other things that all quickly disappeared.  It kind of turned into a combined birthday/Christmas thing, where everyone exchanged gifts.

I tried to take pictures, but only got one that's remotely worth keeping.  The living room is small, and with fourteen people crammed into it, there wasn't much space for taking any.  I snapped this one while the birthday cake was being cut.  It doesn't even have everybody in it.

We stayed later than we expected to- which means we had a good time.  When we got Joshua to bed, he
was more than ready for it, which meant lots of crying and tears before getting him to sleep.  Funny how the more tired he is, the harder it is to get him to sleep.  I'm just waiting for the day when it clicks: Sleep Is Good!

On Sunday, we dropped Joshua off at his cousin's house and did some Christmas shopping.  Can't sneak things into the cart unnoticed anymore!  I'm kind of glad of it though- I love that it gave a reason (not that one always needs a reason) to spend time with his family, and he had such a good time!  They're so good with him.

John and I finished all of our shopping, except for my dad, who we took care of the following day.  When we got home, we decided to keep Joshua awake, as it was too late for his nap.  This one, seemingly innocent decision cost us any relaxation we may have desire for the rest of the evening.  My calm, happy child turned into an overtired little monster who I managed to calm only by constant cuddling in my big over-sized recliner.  Not a bad thing in the end- I love cuddle time. :-)

Monday went by so fast- I can barely remember what we did.  We found my dad's Christmas present at JC Penney's.  Picked up a few groceries.  Organized the bedrooms upstairs for when my family comes on Christmas Eve.  Today was much of the same.  John and Joshua did our big grocery shopping which will last us for two weeks, right through my family's visit, and I stayed home to finish the cleaning and do some cooking for our itty bitty freezer.  I feel the next couple of days closing in on me as Christmas comes closer.  I have to take so many breaks.  It's frustrating.  But I THINK I've learned from years past, and started early enough this year that I will be ready in time, and the week should go off without a glitch.  Ha.

Joshua started sleeping in his big boy bed again.  Actually, it's a different bed.  Rather than put him in a whole new twin sized bed like last time, when he refused to sleep in it....we just took the rail off his crib and turned it into a daybed.  Same bed, different idea.  He loves it and was so excited when we told him what we were doing.  He helped John turn the screwdriver.  And then he slept in it ALL night, which shocked me, as lately he's been waking up around two every morning wanting to cuddle with me...which he's allowed to do because he's still pretty young and personally, I'm not up to the whole get-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing to get him back in bed and wait out his screaming and crying when he's lonely.  And even if I was, I can't because my joints make me feel ninety years old when I get up in the night.  I've got myself covered. :-P

When Joshua finally did wake up, it was eight-thirty in the morning, and he came into our room with his pillow and blankie and just wanted to cuddle.  So we put him between us and we all feel asleep for another hour.  I think he's finally catching up on the lack of sleep from our vacation in Canada.

That just about puts me up to date.  John is watching the last few minutes of the Amazing Race and I'm just relishing this quiet evening with the twinkling lights on the tree, my vanilla scent candle burning on the end table and smelling oh-so-good, a hot cup of peppermint tea...a great end to a busy day.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  One of the things I've always wanted to do is learn to make six-pointed snowflakes.  So this Christmas, I did.  I was pretty happy about that.  Made a whole bunch of them and hung them from the kitchen ceiling.

Some of them are nicer than others.  After the first half dozen, I started to get the hang of it- where to cut and where to fold, etc.  Our home is so Christmas-y this year.  I love it.  We even hung lights outside the house.  This is the first time I've had lights hanging around the roof, of all the places I've lived, even if it's just a tiny part of the porch and not the whole house.  I'm okay with that.  They're pretty.

I may be back before Christmas, but in case I'm not:


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