Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

About three week before Christmas, we started telling Joshua that Christmas was coming and telling him what it was about.  When we explained that Christmas was the day we celebrate Jesus' birthday, Joshua wanted to make a cake.  I already have a gazillion things on my list of things to do in the kitchen, and the only way I could have a fresh cake ready on Christmas day was to premix the dry ingredients or go boxed.  I'm glad I chose boxed, because I really did end up running short on time.

While we were grocery shopping, to told Joshua to pick out one of the cakes from the Betty Crocker shelf.  Of course, he had to pick pink.  Nothing against pink- but EVERYTHING against a fake strawberry-flavored box cake.  But this was Joshua's project, so the pink cake went in the cart, followed by pink icing and a small jar of sprinkles.

On Christmas night, John took Joshua upstairs for a bath and bed, and I remembered the cake.  So he came back down in his pajamas and helped me cut and serve the cake before bedtime.  Instead of singing happy birthday, we prayed and thanked God for the precious gift He gave us 2000 years ago when He came in the form up a baby, wrapped in swaddling cloths.  

What a gift that was.

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Anonymous said...

this is a fabulous idea!! Love that he picked pink!!

-luvs angela