Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Day At Work...

John has been wanting to do this for a long, long time.  Today it happened.  Joshua went to work with his Daddy.  I stayed at home and sorted through many months worth of outgrown clothing, something that has been on my to-do list for a long, long time.  So technically, John and I both achieved long-time dreams.  Okay, not really... (though weirdly, I do enjoy doing these things)

Anyway, I wasn't there and that's my point.  John took a lot of great pictures and they all made me smile.  I'm not going to put much in the way of explanations I said, I wasn't there.  

I loved this picture.    

Eating lunch in the break room:

Looking like he owns the place!

Talking to Mommy on the phone.  He played sounds for me and filled me in throughout the evening on what he was doing.  I know I hear his voice every day, but there's something SO CUTE about talking with him on the phone.  

Singing.  John recorded it and then they phoned me so I could listen.  Unfortunately there's no way to put his solo on a CD.

John, I know you'll be reading this.  You're an amazing Daddy to our son.  I love you.

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Anonymous said...

OK! LOVE the first picture!! It's awesome!

What does John do?? Looks like fun!

looks like you both had a fun day!

XOXOX Angela