Friday, May 27, 2011


This is totally a cop out post, and after skipping yesterday I should really put more effort into this.  I just haven't been in the mind to blog.  Slightly imperfect timing with the end of my one-month blogging goal just days away.  I have had a temporary setback in pain and being in such a state is hardly conducive to creativity.  Aside from the blurring of my mind when trying to deal with yet another setback, as short and temporary as I hope (know?) it to be, I guess I'm indulging in a little forbidden self-pity, too.  So...cop out or not, this is for today.  I'll be back tomorrow with a smile on my fingertips.

Joshua's quotables:

"ARGH!  For crying out loud!  Daddy...why did I say 'for crying out loud?'"

Joshua wanted cookies and milk in his blanket fort.  I said, "Not until after lunch!"  He sat down, slumped his shoulders, put on his saddest face, and said in a downcast voice, "But we have to Mommy, so we can be a family."

Joshua loves to give raspberries when he wakes up in the morning.  Lately, he's only been giving them to me.  John asked if he could have one and Joshua said, "NO!  There's hair all over you!"

"But Mommy...if you don't, I am going to CRY."

John (in a conversation with himself): "Grace Bible Fellowship..."
Joshua:  "Daddy, why did the Bible fell off the ship?"

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Breanne said...

I'm SO glad you're writing them down, those are priceless and not a cop out. See I commented. =P