Sunday, May 1, 2011

For 30 Days

In the spirit of developing a blog-habit, I thought I'd try to blog every day (except for weekends-- which I realize it is today) for the month of May.  I don't think I'll succeed with this as thoroughly as I'd like because my parents are coming to visit.  But if I always waited 'til my ducks were in a row, I'd never start anything.  Life is full of obstacles and I must learn to remain flexible and go with it, rather than trying to work around it.  It's all part of my developing-discipline-process.

So here I am, May 1st.  I could have waited for the weekend to end, but I definitely wanted to start on the first day of the month.  It feels more right.  Maybe that's because I'm odd.

A lot of my days are filled with nothing special.  At least, not blog-worthy special.  Just lots and lots of memories to tuck away in my own heart, "enjoying the moments," as one friend likes to say.  So...I may have to stretch my imagination a bit if I'm going to make this happen.  Bear with me through the mundane posts.  Or just don't read them.  For today, I've already done enough blabbering, but I'll add a few bits and pieces from the day.

We went to church with John's parents and out to lunch afterwards.  It was quite a hike out to their favourite restaurant but we didn't mind the drive through farmland and countryside.  After lunch, John's mom had arranged for the waitresses to bring me candle-decked Jello (it would have been cake under normal circumstances, but being gluten-free, one must make compromises), and sing happy birthday.  I quite forgot my birthday was around the corner.  At first, when I stared blankly at that cheery bowl of red jiggly goop, I thought, "Oops, they got the wrong table-- or at least the wrong person!!"  They were nearly through the song by the time I realized that my family was singing, too, and yes, this was indeed for me.  Having a restaurant serenade me for my birthday was a first for me.  (And hopefully a last.  I appreciate the kindness but shirk from the attention).

We didn't get home until five o'clock.  Our neighbor's daughter, a sweet teenage girl, was sitting outside when we walked up, holding her pet snake.  After assuring me that it was quite safe and non-poisonous, I swallowed by fear and tried to be a good mother, and let Joshua hold it.  I tell you, my heart was in my throat, especially when the neighbor's dog came tearing out the front door at that moment.  I thought for sure the snake would get scared and bite.  It didn't.  I took deep breaths, reminding myself that it was okay and Joshua is a B-O-Y and would do much worse before he reaches adulthood.  I am here to keep him safe, but not to be a hindrance to his bravery or adventurous spirit.

Speaking of Joshua, he's been my right-hand man these days.  I've been venturing out to the yard and doing some work as I'm able.  This is a small spring miracle.  Yesterday, I was out there for TWO hours and was pain-free when I finished.  When I say pain-free, I unfortunately do not mean PGP-free--but moving within my limitations, I did not flare things up.

Joshua stuck with me for an entire hour, putting all the weeds in the trash, helping me sweep, digging up soil-- oh, and playing with worms.  I laughed when I heard the words, "Joshua, why is there a dead worm on the table?" come from my mouth.  I definitely have a little boy on my hands.

Well, I've gone on long enough.  Not every day will be as wordy.  But here is the start of my 30 day goal!

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