Saturday, May 14, 2011

The End Of A Good Time

My parents left this morning.  It never gets easier saying good-bye.  I've experienced firsthand the frailty of life and the uncertainty of seeing a loved one again.  Good-bye could be "until next time," or it could be for the last time on this earth.  I didn't come with melancholy intent, though.  Since I couldn't blog on Thursday, I'm going to go back a few days and post pictures from our day at the far, one of the best afternoons of the week.

We packed a picnic lunch.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  Just the right amount of warm and breezy.  Sunny skies, fluffy white clouds.  Only a few other kids running around.  As we finished our lunch of fresh veggies, apple slices, chicken salad and cake, Rona and Andre arrived.  The boys had been asking for each other all week.  They played.  We talked.  And spent a GLORIOUS four hours at the park.  Nobody wanted to leave.

Rona texted when she was getting close.  I told Joshua Andre was on his way and he settled down on the bench, watching the road in anticipation.

First time on the tire swing.

The boys spent a LONG time on the swings, talking and singing together.  So cute.

My two favourite guys.  Father and son-in-law having a "cool contest."  

Joshua and Andre.

All worn out and ready to go home.

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